Dear potential client.

We know you most likely just wants to send us a few words, ask for prices and when we are available. But we will be better at giving you a good and clear answer if you can fill in the form below.
We know it takes time to fill this form, but so does answering your emails and creating your tattoo, so it is worth the effort for all of us.

You should be aware that we are currently travelling Europe, tattooing in many different countries and locations, and our calendar is closed for bookings until 2020. We have intentions of visiting other continents in the future, but for now you should be aware that if you want to get tattooed by us, you will have to come to Europe.

Please notice – We only tattoo our own art and creations.
We welcome inspiration and ideas, but we do not copy the works of others, nor the tattoos we have already done in the past.

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