Armour of Rams

“A search for armament and empowerment, this became a journey where by the end of it, i had changed a man to look like he could run through walls”.

The Armour of Rams is by now an old project of mine, but one i still hold in a special place, both for the wearer and the project itself. It is one of my earliest large-scale nordic tattoos, and was an attempt at making a more abstract viking tattoo, something similar to an actual armour.

Stylewise, i made an early attempt at going for the Mammen-style in the broader strokes, and used patterns more based on Borre.

The tattoo took a lot of dedication both form my client and myself, but it was a truly enjoyable project to do, and i think we listened to everything by Tenacious D around 80 times in total while creating this.

Done around 2011/2012

Photo by Kasia Skrzypek