Armour of Skadi

“Feminine power, with elegance yet raw strength”.

This was another early challenge, and to me at the time is was a very different one. The goal was to create armour, strength and empowerment, yet elegance and dynamics, all without losing the natural feminine.

I decided to leave plenty of clear skin, using the weave and flow as the main elements to grab the viewers attention, and the final result ended up being this interlocking scale-armour with a perfect flow once the client moves the arm.

The name is based on the nordic Jotunn, later Goddess named Skaði, a goddess of Winter, mountains, hunting and skiing, but she most likely had an original portfolio as a goddess of Sejd and Galdremagic. Through the sagas we know she was well versed in the magic of the runes.

Project was designed and outlined by me, and shaded with my instructions by Uffe Berenth.


Photos by